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  • The #1 mistake buyers make when starting their purchase journey
  • Super-important tips for finding suitable properties online
  • 3 red flags you should absolutely watch out for during showings
  • 6 tips for more efficient property showings
  • The anatomy of a good purchase offer
  • 3 tested & proven ways to improve your credit score
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Buying or Selling a Home

Get FREE Access to Step-By-Step Guide to Selling a Home!

  • The 7 factors that affect your property’s price
  • 4 things you absolutely need to do before putting your home on the market
  • How to make 100% sure your property is marketed correctly
  • FSBO vs using an agent: the ultimate comparison
  • The 4 most common conditions you’ll find in purchase offers and what they mean
  • The answer to the question of all questions: “Should I sell before I buy or not?”
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